Lead Maximization Theory

Collins, Matt - 2006

SunAnt InteractiveLead Maximization Theory

“Lead Maximization Theory is nothing more than pointing out the obvious. In particular, maximizing the amount and quality of leads harvested from a given website is a function … an interplay … of variables beyond sheer volume of traffic a site receives. But in reality even this misses the point. True Lead Maximization isn’t about quantity or even quality of leads. True Lead Maximization is about maximizing profit. After all, leads are worthless if not closed.”

Chap 1 – The Goal of Lead Maximization

The Goal of any business is profit. That is, making more money than you are spending. In Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s best-selling and ground-breaking book, entitled The Goal – A Process Of Ongoing Improvement, Goldratt puts this harsh reality front and center. Essentially, profit is the only true manner in which a business can (or should) evaluate its progress. The more profit, the healthier the company. It is your job, then, as a business owner and/or manager to engage in high-return activities. Lead Maximization, when applied properly, is one of the highest-return initiatives available to businesses today. Why? Because Lead Maximization is relatively inexpensive and incredibly impactful. It is a business discipline in which modest, incremental changes can yield extremely profitable results.

Chap 2 – Mechanics of Lead Maximization – Lead Max Theory

To understand Lead Maximization, one must first understand what we like to call the mechanical economy of lead maximization. Or, if you prefer, Lead Maximization Theory (on which this paper is based). Essentially, the mechanical economy of lead maximization is a set of truisms. Similar to Geometry Theorems, Lead Max Theorems define a set of assumptions and then a corresponding equation and diagram demonstrating the relationships between variables.

Chap 3 – Lead Max & Your Web ROI

In light of the Goal, it is important to stress that the “art” and “science” of Lead Maximization is only recommended when it makes sense to apply it. And by that we mean, if there is an activity that offers a higher ROI than that offered by applying the principles of Lead Maximization Theory, by all means we would urge you to do that (whatever that may be) first! This is because adherence to the Goal means that we are obligated to pursue those activities which yield the greatest net profit.

Chap 4 – Lead Max – Tactical Considerations

For the purposes of this discussion, we will work from the following definition of “profit”:

Revenue – Expense = Profit

Let’s turn our attention to expanding our understanding of each of the core strategies we have identified and how they relate to matters of profitability. For each, we will ask a simple question: “What impact will this strategy have on the profitability of my organization?”

Chap 5 – Lead Max – Tactical Matrix

The Tactical Matrix examines the relative merits of each strategy, side-by-side: Strengths, Weaknesses, Cost, and Impact Horizon.

Chap 6 – Lead Max & Web Analytics

Analytics is the core discipline of successful online marketing. Without it, we have no rudder to steer the ship (campaign) and are beholden to the winds of fancy, guesswork and whim. Analytics allow us to do what nothing else has done in the past – instantly optimize and tweak our efforts to reap the most benefit from any promotion or marketing campaign.

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