Google’s homepage may make it look like a simple search engine, but there are plenty of extra functions and entertaining Easter eggs hiding just below its unassuming surface. We covered six cool Google tips last month. Try these seven tricks to get started with some Google fun.

1. Track Your Flight

Get detailed information about any domestic flight with Google’s Flight Tracker function. Type in the name of the carrier and the flight number to find out when the flight took off, if it’s on time and when it’s scheduled to land. Current weather information for any airport is also available.

2. Get New Music

So many people search for music that Google added a function to make songs, albums and artists easier to find. Whenever you type in a music query, Google does its best to return accurate information about where you can find and buy the tunes you want. Even if you only know a few words of a song, chances are the search engine can find it for you.

3. Plan a Movie Date

Google has a list of all movies playing at local theaters. Type in the word “movie” and the title of any current film into Google to get information, reviews and local showtimes.

4. Define Words

To get the definition of a word and see it used in context, type “what is” or “definition of” before the word. Get more information via Google Glossary by typing “define” in front of the word instead. The Glossary function returns all available definitions and any other relevant information. It can also give you the definitions of entire phrases if you put the phrase in quotes after the “define” command.

5. Get Your Facts Straight

It should be no surprise that Google knows pretty much everything and will tell you if you know how to ask. For example, if you want to know the year that a famous person was born, simply type “birthday” and the person’s name. Search for “population of” and a specific city for accurate population data. If you want to learn something new and interesting, type “fun facts”. Google will pop up a fact box with a random fact and the option to ask more questions. A similar result happens when you type in “I’m feeling curious”.

6. Get Lucky

im feeling curious Now that Google automatically starts searching after you make your first keystroke, the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button seems to be getting left out in the cold. However, if you hover your mouse over it, you’ll find that that this classic feature has gotten an upgrade. The button now spins like the dials on a slot machine to reveal a new “I’m Feeling” option every time. “I’m Feeling Trendy” takes you to Trending Searches on Google. “I’m Feeling Curious” takes you to a trivia question. Each option unlocks a different tool or amusement, so you’ll have to keep going back to try them all.

7. Stock Quotes

If you want information on a publicly traded stock or mutual fund, just enter its ticker symbol and Google will return the latest (delayed) stock price, a historical chart, the daily open, high and low, and trading volume.

Get creative and play around with Google search a bit yourself to find even more unique ways to go beyond its basic search functions.