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In general, the lifespan of a website is really only about two or three years. An older website might still work but it could be brought up to date with better functionality, a better design and a better user experience. A new website that looks current shows customers that a company is young, fresh, innovative, strong, and up to date with the latest technology.

Here are nine signs that your website needs updating:

1. The website is older than 3 years. This is a pretty obvious one, since in the span of 3 years a lot happens in technology. New operating systems and browser versions are released, and cool website techniques are developed all the time. After three years, your website may not work correctly on newer browsers and phones, use your company’s old color scheme before you re-branded, and just look out of date in general.

2. The website uses old “cool features”. Like anything else, web design has its own trends and fads. Examples of features that are no longer cool: a hit counter at the bottom of a page that shows how many times your homepage has been loaded; scrolling text which is distracting and hard to read; constantly moving gif animations which also distract the user’s attention; and sounds or videos play automatically which users find generally annoying.

3. The website uses Flash animations. Flash used to be the only way you could get cool animations embedded into a site. Unfortunately, Flash does not work in mobile and since 50% or more of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, you could be frustrating a lot of potential customers. Other technologies, like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, have all changed the way we look and program animations. Unlike Flash, they also work on mobile devices.

4. The website is not responsive to users viewing your website on a phone or tablet. Since the development of mobile, the 100% width (or fluid/responsive design) has become more and more popular. Correctly built fluid or responsive websites adjust to any screen size. After looking at several studies, including this one by StatCounter, we see that over half of the world’s website traffic comes from mobile devices. Don’t be left behind in the transition to a more mobile internet.

5. The website isn’t built with a CMS (Content Management System), or it uses old, inflexible or even obsolete web design technology like FrontPage or Contribute.

6. The website is overwhelming to users like An inviting engaging website is more likely to convey your message.

7. The website has a dated look, or has an inconsistent color scheme or layout compared to your other marketing materials.

8. The website has bad user experience arising from bad site architecture. You don’t want to have to go back a page to get to the menu. If your site has broken links and dead-end pages, this shows a website that isn’t being maintained properly. WordPress sites are easy to maintain.

9. The website has a slow load time which turns off visitors. You might need better web hosting to improve page load times. If you need to “Enter Site” what you really need is a re-design.

When you are ready to make the leap to a fresh and modern design with improved functionality, give the web design experts here at SunAnt Interactive a call. We have built hundreds of websites for satisfied customers throughout Wisconsin and across the country. Get found online and get an up-to-date website to get your message across.