google maps street does not yet exist

New street doesn’t exist yet on Google Maps.

From time to time we have clients for which we need to create a Google+ Local listing for a business at a newly constructed location. Sometimes the new construction is located on a new street that does not yet exist on Google Maps.

In order to have a verified local business location on Google Maps, it is necessary to input the correct street address in the Google Local Business dashboard. One may also need a verification postcard sent to the location when phone verification method is not available.

So, how do you create a G+ Local listing for a company when the street isn’t even on the map yet? The process is may be a mystery, unless you have experience editing waypoints in Google Mapmaker (GMM).

Through GMM, one can add, edit or delete points of interest (POI) as well as create roads and trails. Most edits will need to be reviewed by a Google Reviewer before they go live, unless you already have a lot of editing authority built up.

Adding a new road to Google Mapmaker can be tricky and time consuming at times. You need to know the rules and follow the best practice guidelines, which are constantly evolving. If you would like help getting a road or POI added to Google Maps, contact us about your requirements. With over 1,000 edits and 100 reviews in the Google Mapmaker system, we have the experience it takes to get POIs and roads properly added and published in Google Maps!

how to add streets to google mapmaker

Missing Streets in Google Maps

Missing Streets in Google Maps

In the example map image shown at the beginning of this article, you can see where our client needed a new business POI added to Google Maps. In the ‘map’ view mode you can not see the buildings and roads that you can see in the ‘satellite’ view mode.

If you switch to satellite mode, you can clearly see a buildings, roads, and a construction site exist where the map mode shows a large void of land.

Mayfair Street previously ended at South Grove Street and Fraser Lane did not previously exist. Mayfair Street now runs N/W from South Watertown Street to Fraser Lane. Fraser Lane now runs N/S intersecting East Lincoln St and Mayfair Street.

Editing Google Maps via Google Mapmaker

pending road edits in google mapmaker

Pending Road Edits in GMM

In Google Mapmaker, we drew the lines for the streets, ensured they intersected properly, adjusted the existing road placements accordingly, then waited for the edit approvals to go through.

If the edits are not reviewed in a day or two, you can try to get attention to the edit you made by posting it to the official GMM forum in the ‘Review Edit Requests’ section. (Just be sure to follow the guidelines when posting, such as 1. use a URL shortener to refer to POI URLs and 2. follow the post subject naming convention such as [Review Edit – Country > State > City – Description] … as this will help to keep the forum participants happy.)



gmm poi street edit approved

Approved GMM POI Street Edit

You can now see the road live on the Map. The second road is still pending approval in the image below, but that should get pushed through shortly, as well.







new street added to gmm edit live

New Street Added to GMM – Edit is Live on Google Maps.

In our final image you can see the map now has the proper street name label. This complex is now ready to have a business POI created and a Google verification postcard sent!







Pro Tip: If you want to get a jump-start on putting your new business on the map, while the building is still under construction, you may want to have a mailbox installed on the site and have it clearly labeled so that the mailman can see and get to it to deliver the Google postcard.

Contact us now to get help adding your business POI to the Google map or fixing incorrect map details.