It is now 4 months since Google launched it’s new algorithm nicknamed “Mobilegeddon”.
The impact of this launch is still being studied as time goes on by SEO Analysts, and Online Marketeers, and other research sources in this industry. It is my continued goal to provide research results to businesses who might otherwise lose touch with what is going on with the Internet as they might be too busy running their own businesses and day to day issues that take up all their time.

I still see complacency occurring among web site clients that it was much to do about nothing. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some interesting findings as I continue my research on this subject.

BrightEdge: Decrease In Non Mobile-Friendly URL’s On The First 3 Pages.

Content marketing company BrightEdge has tracked over 20,000 URLs since the update, and is reporting a 21% decrease in non mobile-friendly URLs on the first 3 pages of search results. The impact is more significant on pages 2-3, while page 1 results have only seen a 17.3% decrease.

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Searchmetrics: Update Impacted Mobile SEO Visibility, But Desktop SEO Visibility Remained Stable:

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Based on their data set, Searchmetrics found that the average loss of rankings for the non-mobile friendly sites they measured was 0.21 positions on average. Many sites experienced a significant drop in mobile rankings while remaining relatively stable (or even growing their visibility) in desktop search, suggesting that the change in visibility was due to the mobile friendly update.

Google Mobile Update/ Mobilegeddon: Winners and Losers US

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Google’s “Mobilegeddon” Severely Impacting Blogs And Digital Content

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The impact of Google’s “Mobilegeddon” has been significantly greater than expected. This per a study from Stone Temple, a Boston-based digital consulting company.

Small and Medium Businesses Hit Hardest By Mobilegeddon:

Though many consider Mobilegeddon to have been much ado about nothing, digital agency Koozai found that Google’s mobile-focused algorithm has had a significant impact on small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).
According to Koozai’s May survey of 2,000 SMBs with 50 or fewer employees, 46 percent of respondents have experienced changes in ranking. From that group, 41 percent have seen a drop in rankings by at least three places, resulting in drops in traffic – as much as 50 percent in some cases.

What Are You Waiting For?

Google’s ‘phantom’ algorithm update

Google’s “mobilegeddon” was designed to favor mobile-friendly sites in search results, had no impact on HubPages. But a secretive algorithm tweak soon after was disastrous.

Google’s secretive updates leave small sites scrambling
“It was just a giant whack across the board,” said Edmondson, whose 10-year-old company employs professional editors to work with its vast network of independent writers. “Imagine how hard it is to run a business when you see 22 percent of your traffic evaporate overnight.”

HubPages, a collection of more than 870,000 miniblogs covering everything from the “History of advertising” to “How to identify venomous house spiders,” saw its Google search traffic plunge 22 percent on May 3 from the prior week. Of the company’s 100 top pages, 68 lost visitors over that stretch.

See “What does Google’s Mobilegeddon really mean?” for more.