I received an interesting reply from one of the founders of Authority Labs today to a support request I placed earlier.  They are not going to offer their free 10-keyword accounts after they transition to their new partner API system.

The email said:

authority labs pricing sign up “We’ve had a 100% new system in the works for a while and quietly rolled it out last week. It’s using our own Partner API, new architecture, new everything …

Since it’s a 100% new if you do migrate you won’t have access to your historical data you build up in the old system. You’ll have access to your old account for two months while you build up data again.”

— Chase Granberry ~ Founder @ AuthorityLabs

In a follow up email, I asked if they could migrate my free account to their new system for me, instead of signing up for a new account, to which they replied:

“Actually, we’re not supporting free accounts anymore in this new system. And once everyone is off the old system we’ll be shutting it down. Not sure what the timeframe is on that though…”

Previously when someone signed up for a 30 day trial of the ‘pro’ account, they were automatically downgraded to the free version with the ability to track 10 keywords.  But now I believe that the keyword tracking will stop or the account will be disabled somehow after the 30 day trial runs out and payment plan is not chosen.