yoast google analytics plugin Google Analytics for WordPress is one of the most powerful and practical analytics plugins available for WordPress. Many people miss out on the full potential of what this plugin has to offer.

With this Google Analytics for WordPress plugin, not only can easily add the tracking code into your theme and track analytics data, but you can also explore a lot of features that this plugin has to offer you. The extra features this Google Analytics Plugin allows you to track is what makes this Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin a highly popular plugin for your blog or website!

After you have the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin set up, you may want to add new users to your Google Analytics account so they can access your data and can start to track page performance and visitor interaction. One of the hot things to track in analytics these days is QR codes. For the past year or so, QR Codes have been a popular way for people to supplement their offline marketing efforts. We highlighted the benefits of tracking your QR Codes in Google Analytics in a previous post.

So, what are the main highlights of this plugin?

Asynchronous Tracking

The benefits of this as stated in the Google Analytics Blog:

  • Faster load times for your web pages
  • Enhanced data collection accuracy
  • Elimination of tracking errors when JavaScript hasn’t fully loaded

Custom Variables

Custom variables are a great way to add even more targeted data about the current user, session, or current page in your data tracking.

E-Commerce Integration

This plugin integrates with WP E-Commerce and Shopp to give you the ability to track data from sales. Once you install this plugin, it will automatically detect these E-Commerce plugins.

Google Analytics API Integration

At one point in time you had to manually enter in what is called a “UA ID” number that Google uses to identify your unique analytics account, but now all you have to do is click “authenticate with Google Analytics” by selecting the appropriate profile and you’re golden!

Event Tracking

Another good thing about this specific plugin is that it incorporates a site page speed feature, which can help you find out how long it takes for each of your website’s pages to load.

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