I recently watched the Bing Webmaster Tool walkthrough video on the Moz website. I’m very impressed with how much data Bing has made available to website owners and webmasters. It truly rival’s Google Webmaster Tools. I’m very glad we decided to verify all of our SEO clients’ websites in BWT many months ago.

Here’s some highlights of the features I like best.

01 duane forrester of bing webmaster tools with rand fishskin at seomoz whiteboard friday

Duane Forrester of Bing Webmaster Tools with Rand Fishskin at SEOmoz for the Whiteboard Friday Video


02 bing webmaster tools page level traffic details

Page-level traffic details are offered on Bing Webmaster Tools

03 bing webmaster tools keyword and page level traffic details

Bing Webmaster Tools also features new page-level keyword traffic details


04 bing webmaster tools seo reports page suggestions

The SEO Reports section of Bing Webmaster Tools with page suggestions is a great feature as well.


05 bing webmaster tools seo analyzer in page contextual suggestions

There is an SEO Analyzer Tool that have in-page contextual suggestion popups


06 bing webmaster tools seo analyzer source code highlighting

A very nice part of the SEO Analyzer is the source code highlighting.


07 bing webmaster tools organic search keyword research tool

Once big difference with BWT compared to Google’s keyword research tool is that Bing shows only organic search keyword data.


08 bing webmaster tools link explorer

And, finally, Bing’s Link Explorer offers many advanced filters that allows you to see exactly which pages are linking to a website or a specific page of a website

Source: seomoz.org/blog/phoenix-rising-bings-new-webmaster-tools-whiteboard-friday