Businesses Need Facebook

Since my internship two years ago at a local organization in Green Bay doing social media content management and recently starting my job at SunAnt, I have explored why businesses need Facebook as a means of marketing. Facebook is a social platform where people share their personal feelings, beliefs, desires, and lives. Why then, do businesses need Facebook as a means of revenue growth or something that helps with exposure and profit?

Let’s explore this a little bit. What do you use Facebook for personally? For me, I love to post pictures of things that are happening in my life. I like to share videos that I think are funny or informative for myself and possibly my friend network. Sometimes I even update my status to tell people what has just happened to me or share a big event in my life, like having a baby. I need Facebook personally to keep up with people in my life all around the world.

But for business, what does this all mean? Lets explore a few points that I believe allow Facebook to be an enormously effective tool for doing business.

Businesses need Facebook for:

1. Building Awareness

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First, lets talk about why building awareness is extremely important. As a business, it is easy to tell prospects and clients about your services and products. That is all good and can be effective, but what pushes clients to the website? Social media or Facebook does. Businesses need Facebook because it’s a tool that helps prospects, or potential clients, and current clients to understand who and what the business is and why they should want to connect with this particular business. What does the business do besides sell products and services for a specific niche?  Does this business support any local causes?  Does this business do anything fun that I like to do?  Facebook is the place where people come to see what businesses have going on in the community, what they are doing on a daily basis, what their corporate culture is like, and to see if they can find out more information about the business.

2. Increase Online Sales

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CMOs are confident social media impacts Awareness and Loyalty

The second reason why businesses need Facebook is because Facebook can help increase online sales. It has been proven that a majority of people will spend more time on Facebook doing searches, finding people and businesses than anywhere else. Though most people use Facebook for social purposes, the time spent surfing there provides proof as to why businesses need to be very active on Facebook.

People do searches on Facebook largely due to the fact that it is accessible on mobile phones which most people use to search for every day practical and social needs.  Also, people use Facebook to buy gifts for friends for their birthdays and other special events, or just for the heck of it. These gifts provide businesses with small sales that have monumental effects on sales over time. Gifts can be as big as you want or as small as five dollar gift cards. Many companies, like Starbucks, have started to use gifts and have been very successful doing it.


Here are some tips on how to present your business on Facebook to increase online sales.

  1. Set up or create an easily navigable page.
  2. Identify the audience who would want to buy your product or service.
  3. Create incredibly compelling content.
  4. Advertise your content, products and services.
  5. Measure and readjust.

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