Many small business owners feel they don’t need a website because they are so small that they don’t have any employees or, only one or two. new website  Some believe they don’t need a website because their goods or services cannot be sold online.  Unless you are not interested in growing your business, your small business needs a website! Here’s why:

24/7-The internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Anyone can go online and learn about your services or goods any time of the day or night. It provides accessibility whenever it is convenient for the potential customer.

Positive First Impression – Consumers are a savvy bunch. They want a good deal, great service and they don’t want to have to drive or call around looking for it. They want to be able to do the research online. You can make a great first impression by having a site that is clean and easy to navigate.  Cluttered, confusing sites will send customers away very quickly. Don’t be that site!

Show Off Your Talents – If you’re a builder or other tradesman, why not show before and after pictures of your work.  Including an image gallery on your website will show off your unique talents.  If you have employees, they can also be included in photos working on a project.

Be Responsive – More and more customers are on the go and need to access your website on their mobile device.  Make sure your website is responsive so potential customers can find you wherever they are and not be forced to go to a competitor because they found his website first!

Lead Generation and Feedback – A website can generate leads for your business. Develop a useful ‘checklist of points to be considered’ for those shopping for services like yours, and make it available for in trade for visitors willing to fill out an online contact information form.  Customers who are interested enough to provide this information can be considered a qualified lead worthy of additional follow-up. Also include on the form a question that asks “How did you hear about us?” and give several options for the potential customer to choose from. This can help aid you in determining areas that you may want to direct your marketing efforts toward . .

Credibility – Having a website gives you instant credibility with customers searching for services online. Customers can get a sense of the company without stepping foot inside your shop.

By not having a website, your potential customers may not discover your business online, or if they are aware of your business to some extent, may not have an opportunity to learn what distinguishes your business from your competitors.

Without an online presence, your prospects have a good chance of spending their dollars elsewhere.  Can you really afford not to have an online presence?