Fact: Your search engine marketing efforts will not be as effective without a content strategy.

content strategy word cloud 2 You can have all the perfect cherry-picked keywords you want to target, persuasive and attention grabbing pay per click ads, and build links to your website like nobody’s business, but without well-developed content, your traffic won’t convert as well and you won’t reach the success you want or need.

In order for all your hard keyword research work and its implementation to be effective, you need to have not only good content, but a content strategy

If you do you’ll have:

  • More conversions from your pay per click (PPC) ads.Pay per click advertising is all about getting as many to people to see your ads as possible, and getting them to click your ads. But if the click through rate is low and the costs are high, it could all come down to making adjustments to your website content so the search engines find your ads more relevant, therefore lowering your cost per click and bumping up your ad placement.
  • Better website rankings Website rankings can be improved with a well developed content strategy. Search engines look for one thing; quality websites that are relevant to what a searcher is looking for. Quality to a search engine means  a number of things; great content, the amount of  links “linking” to the website and the quality of those links, and various other factors. This is proven by Google, which recently implemented several updates known as the Google Panda Update.  Google implemented these updates in order to eliminate poor quality content. This just goes to show how important quality content is to search engines.
  • Targeted website traffic When you have a focused and well developed content strategy, you bring in more targeted website traffic. Many people ignore this critical element in search engine success. Many want to jump the gun when it comes to search engine marketing without working to have a clearly defined content strategy. They decide they want to do better in the search engines and gain more online visibility, so they go ahead with search engine marketing services, but when the mention that more well developed content will help them do better, that task seems way too daunting. So they either don’t respond to any suggestions, or aren’t willing to invest in having more well developed content. This is not only hindering the Internet marketing company’s efforts, but  hindering your company’s Internet marketing success. In order to get the most out of your Internet marketing efforts, you need to have a strategy in place.

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