As a child growing up, we are taught that it is not polite to brag or boast about our accomplishments. But is this a good idea in business? Will it help to build your personal brand? Probably not.  Following those childhood rules will likely ensure you’ll go unnoticed.  Highlighting your accomplishments is crucial to building your business and personal brand.

self marketing Knowing how to promote yourself and your business will do more for your earnings and reputation than someone who doesn’t. Perform an inventory of your accomplishments.  Did you win an award or competition?  Finish a class or seminar? Get appointed to a professional office or civic organization? Possibly you may have opened or relocated your office, and expanded to serve a new market. Launching a new website, speaking at a major conference,  getting mentioned in the paper, or landing a TV or radio interview can really help your self promotion –  let your clients and potential prospects know about it.  Write a news release describing what has occurred and your opinion about it.  Include a paragraph about your background.  In addition to sending the news release to clients and potential clients, send it to your own trade press and the local media outlets.

Freely distribute reprints of articles about you, or written by you. Send them to  everyone on your mailing list and keep extras on hand.  Include them in your marketing kit for prospective clients, speaking engagements, and future media opportunities.  Use them as handouts at trade shows.  Frame them and hang them on the wall of your office.

Consider a professionally developed website and post links or entire articles on your website. Showcase your knowledge and build a following with useful  blog articles that your target audience(s) will value. Become familiar with social media tactics and use to your advantage.

Don’t wait to get started! Build momentum. It takes time to establish yourself, master self-marketing and leverage social media promotion. If you put it off until next month or next year, others who didn’t will jump ahead of you.  Toot your own horn!

Research the internet for additional self promotional tactics and strategies.  Need a jump start? Attend  SunAnt Interactive’s specialized presentations on internet marketing, blogging  and social media. You’ll quickly develop a toolbox of techniques and ideas for promoting yourself and achieving your marketing goals.  From simple online  promotion to comprehensive web development, SunAnt can shorten your path to success!