Last month I wrote about the problem of finding local businesses, and, if you were that business, how to get yourself noticed in search engines.

It is one thing to look for a multinational company, or even the local franchise of a national brand. How do you find the local plumber or other local business, and find relevant results? How does that local business rise to the top of the SERP (search engine results page)? We are going to have to go hyperlocal. Hyper-what?

From the very helpful Glossary of Local Search Terms and Definitions: “Hyperlocal – An adjective used to describe a website or web content that is extremely specific to a particular neighborhood or town. Hyperlocal content is typically something that a traditional media outlet would not devote resources to covering.”

Well if traditional media outlets aren’t covering it, what then? A search engine marketing firm like SunAnt can help that business get better results on a SERP.

When you are looking for a local business, you would expect that their address, phone number, or even their business name would be accurate. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As Andrew Shotland at Search Engine Land writes in “The Most Common Problems With Local Business Listings”: “. . . we found that consumers regularly encounter incorrect location data for businesses. It’s clearly a big problem, not only for consumers, but also for marketers.”

You wouldn’t believe the effort that a good search engine marketing firm like SunAnt Interactive goes through to ensure that their clients have accurate and consistent information about their name, address and phone number (NAP). There are many online directories for businesses that sometimes are just plain wrong. Obviously, this needs to be fixed. We do this to enable to help search engines deliver consistent results for those hyperlocal searches. We make sure that old addresses, which have a habit of hanging around, get updated to the latest and greatest information. This helps the business, and it helps the potential customer. Accurate information is key to prevent discouraging people who want to buy.

SunAnt Interactive has discovered techniques to improve your company’s website relevancy to search engines. Call us at (262) 641-2613, and we can show what to do.