seo triangle 300x290 Have you ever felt as though you’re being swept away by a river of ever-changing search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms? Although Google does seem fond of shaking things up for webmasters, there are some basic “rules” you can follow to push your website closer to the top of search engine results pages and bring in more visitors.

If you’re ready to attain better visibility for your site in 2017, try these four SEO tips to dominate search results on both desktop and mobile devices:

1. Streamline Your Offerings

More mobile searches performed by increasingly tech-savvy audiences make speedy websites a must. It’s time to update the way you serve visitors by stripping away unnecessary content and optimizing every page to load as quickly as possible. Today’s users consume videos and images much more readily than blocks of text. Save lengthy “pillar” content for your blog, focusing instead on “bite-sized” content delivered in formats suitable for viewing on the go.

Don’t forget to change your website to https, if you haven’t already. Google is giving a boost to sites which improve their website security.

2. Prioritize Experience

Intuitive navigation and convenient site-wide search go hand in hand with site speed. You can incorporate all the right keywords for your niche and still have poor search rank if your site is a mess. Site architecture, clean layouts and strategic internal cross linking are best for high SERP visibility.

Google gives preference to mobile results, so think like a mobile user when working on SEO. Use a responsive design, and preview your site on a mobile screen to make sure the most useful content appears above the fold. Test your website using Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test. Keep menus short, and use breadcrumb links to give users clear paths between site sections.

3. Link, Link, Link

To prove your site’s worth to the search giants, build a network of quality backlinks from authoritative sources by:
• Commenting on popular blogs in your niche or industry
• Including your website link in social profiles
• Contributing guest posts to blogs with high readership

Google can tell the difference between these “natural” links and the types of links generated by “link farming” or random exchanges. As with content, relevance matters, and unrelated links can hurt your rank instead of improving it.

4. Shift Your Content Perspective

As you update your content and plan new blog posts, put your audience in the forefront of your mind. Stop thinking about creating content around keywords, and start writing with visitors in mind. Google cares more about intent, relevance and usefulness than whether a search term appears a specific number of times. Repurpose old posts to reflect this mindset, and create new content based on what your audience wants to watch or read.

SEO is an ongoing process. You have to stay on top of the changes Google and other search giants make to their algorithms. Building a strong foundation in these four basic SEO strategies for 2017 gives you a starting point from which to continue optimizing your web presence as the way search engines rank pages continues to evolve. Keep your eye on the trends, and make adjustments over time to preserve your place in search results.

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