internet marketing wordcloud In order to drive more visitors to your website every day, a marketer should frequently post fresh and relevant content on a website blog, get your business verified by Google, and launch a pay-per-click advertising campaign by using the services of Google AdWords.

High-Quality Content

The more often a website owner posts new and relevant articles on the site, the higher the positions of the site’s pages will be in the search results. The headline and the first paragraph of each piece should contain your targeted keyword phrases because Google’s bot will rank the webpage more highly for groups of words that are in the first few sentences of the article, especially if it is in the title.

Local Directories

A business will be able to rank a listing highly in a local directory if many customers write positive testimonials about the company on the site. One effective strategy is to offer patrons a discount of five dollars off of the prices of their next purchase for each testimonial that they post.

Google Maps

A proprietor can submit their company’s information to Google Maps. Then the business owner will receive a letter that contains an authentication code within seven days to 10 days.

As soon as the unique code has been provided to Google, that is now a verified business. The business owner’s website and phone number will usually be positioned higher in the organic, local search results for targeted keyword phrases.

Also, a link to all of the reviews that the business has received on Google Business will be located directly below the enterprise’s new listing.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Once an advertiser has created a new pay-per-click, or PPC, campaign, the individual will be able to place ads on hundreds of sites that are in the same niche as the company’s website. Moreover, the proprietor will have the option to position ads next to the results in Google’s search engine.

Email Marketing

To increase the size of your company’s list, a great idea would be to provide some type of incentive, such as a small gift card or a promotional code, to visitors who add their email addresses to the list.


Links make the web, and another way to bring traffic to your site would be to have other websites link back to you. However, a website with many incoming links that are on pages with low value could receive a penalty from Google. To protect a site’s rankings, an advertiser can disavow low-quality backlinks.

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