I use Google Checkout and PayPal services to collect payment from my customers.

There are two universal choices for selling products on my websites, Google Checkout and PayPal. Most hosting providers and website building applications I have used support the usage and functionality of these two methods of collecting online payments. Let’s explore my experiences with using both payment processing providers for my multiple websites.

I have a PayPal account to accept payments for multiple online services and stores. I also use PayPal to make payments for multiple services and products. PayPal is the most widely used internationally and online and has multiple types of accounts to meet your business and personal needs. I first used PayPal when I sold collectibles on my websites and shipped my products out to my international customers. PayPal converts dollars to other currencies every day with no effort from me or my customers. PayPal offers an easy way to print and ship my products by providing invoices and collecting address information directly from my customers.

Another popular option I use that integrates with my other Google accounts for email, social media and advertising is Google Checkout. Google services are all included on one main account for me and make it convenient for the management of my store services. Google Checkout, Like PayPal lets my customers buy items safely and securely using a login username and password. After each sale I make online I receive instant notification by email or text and I am able to transfer money swiftly into my checking account.

I recommend Google Checkout and PayPal services to any future online store owner to track money coming and going from your business or personal banking accounts. Google Checkout and PayPal give my business fast access to cash after each customer sale allowing for a prompt shipment every time. It was very easy to sign up for both accounts online; I just entered in my checking account information and confirmed small deposits. After confirming both deposits when setting up my payment processor accounts, I had full access to accept and ship my store products immediately.

Google Checkout and PayPal have provided me and my small business a large opportunity to towards save and plan money for my short and long term financial goals. If you are a small business owner or an individual looking for secure online payment options, sign up for a Google Checkout or PayPal account today!