What is Google+ ?

google plusAll the hype has been around Google+ lately. Some say that it could surpass the popularity of Facebook. Google plus is Google’s latest social network development that is similar to Facebook in which you can upload photos and write posts. One really special thing about Google Plus is that you can create what is called “circles.” You can separate your contacts into your own custom circles. For example, you can create a “business contacts” circle, and a “college friends” circle. There is no limit to the amount of circles you can create either. Privacy settings are said to be a lot easier than Facebook’s too.

What is Google +1 Button?

When you visit someone’s Google Plus profile, you are able to see all the websites or posts they have (+1). The same is similar if you visit someones website who has added the (+1) button. You will be able to see all the (+1) votes. If you are logged into Google through Gmail, you will be able to see what some of your contacts have (+1) in your search results as well.

Why Should I Care About Using it?

The Google (+1) button has high remarks thus far, and has the potential to do really well once they continue to roll out with new developments for it and see how popular it becomes with users. If you haven’t noticed already, many website owners have added the (+1) button to their website. This allows website visitors to (+1) a page, or a specific post on your website. Google hasn’t really gone in depth about how this will affect website rankings, but it is something to look out for in the near future.

How Do I Add Google (+1) Button to my Website?

You can install the button in two ways. One way is to add the code to your <head> tag. The other way is to add it to the <body> tag. Click here to add the button to your website.

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