say bye bye to highrise crm basecamp 37signals You might have heard the the news recently, 37Signals Highrise CRM will no longer be the focus of its creator, 37Signals. The company, 37Signals, is refocusing their efforts solely on their flagship product, Basecamp. In a recent press release they stated that they’re changing their company name and brand to be called “Basecamp” now. The future of the Highrise software is uncertain, it is possible that the company could sell to the highest bidder or continue maintaining it for their existing customer base, or… what I fear is that perhaps if the company is sold, the new owner could just shut it down after a period of time.

At this time you might be looking for an alternative to Highrise, some have mentioned or Salesforce‘s and Zendesk or even Infusionsoft as possible CRM substitutes. I’m sure one of these solutions will work just fine, especially with the abundance of APIs these days.

We have clients who have implemented Infusionsoft into their customer acquisition and lead tracking processes. And from our experience in working with this tool it seems like it might be a good fit for our own company, especially because of all of the marketing automation capabilities Infusionsoft has. On the other hand Salesforce seems to be a little bit overkill and almost at times clunky, especially when price is taken into consideration. Salesforce is viewed as more of an Enterprise solution, however I have never seen it work in as seamless of a manner as Infusionsoft does.

So what does the future hold for Highrise? It’s hard to say. I’m sure we will find out from 37Signals (or should I say “Basecamp” soon enough.)

Of course on the same day as 37Signals announces their new refocus, the CRM company called, Nimble, announces on their blog a “helpful vendor comparison” chart, powered by, that shows how users tend to rate Highrise versus Nimble. Nimble really did try to be unbiased in their blog post found here, but of course as any company would do they try to promote their own great features and encourage you to start a trial in order to test to see if is right for you.

On the post, blog author, Michael Trow, asks the question, “What if they sell Highrise CRM”? His answer is, “…there is an extreme possibility that the new owners will make changes to either the pricing structure and/or the service. It is even a possibility that another CRM service provider will buy the company and migrate users over to their platform.”

Nonetheless, it will be an interesting future for Highrise users. On the Hacker News website, there is a lot of  back-and-forth banter about 37Signals and its products, like Campfire. There’s even discussion that perhaps Basecamp and Highrise could spin off as completely separate companies.

What do you think the future holds for the Highrise CRM and its users?

Are you thinking of jumping ship soon?

Or are you going to hold the course and see what Basecamp might have up their sleeve?

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