When you want to get your business on the web, an entrepreneur needs a domain name and hosting. Unfortunately, in trying to speed up the process and get their business started, some choose a web hosting company that does not meet their needs. You should take your time when searching for a host. A good web design company will have the resources to host your website. Here are four things to ask them when setting up your website:


Without a doubt, a serious business owner must have a solid and reliable company to host their website. In fact, a web host should have no problem in offering an uptime guarantee to customers, as this is important for a website owner to have. Ask what their record has been, and make sure that they offer reliable services.


Most people do not know what to do or where to turn when faced with website or hosting problems. Fortunately, when a host has reliable support staff, a customer will not have to worry about being left in the dark should problems occur. Readily accessible support will quickly help solve any problems that can happen. The level of support from your host is a critical component if you do have larger problems.


Now, most people do not consider website speed to be a big deal as more and more people use a fast connection to get access to the Internet. However, some customers still use slow connections, and they will appreciate a website that loads quickly. Furthermore, fast-loading webpages will please Google and the leading search engines. Google has said that a fast page load speed is one factor in determining search results. Remember, a fast site will please everyone, and it will make your company’s website desirable to customers using a smartphone or slow connection.

One other factor: will your host have the added bandwidth for increasing demand when your website grows?


Before signing up, one should take the time to read a few reviews, or ask for referrals. By talking with others who have used them, you can make sure that the business offers a solid product, and provides excellent service. Remember, a web design company with happy customers is an excellent choice for a new website owner.

Orion Group (now SunAnt) has fast, reliable, robust hosting with excellent support. When following these four tips, you should have no troubles with your new website’s host.