getlisted org What do you do if your business moved locations or changed it’s name in order to have that information updated on the plethora of online business directories?

You used to be able to call your local phone book company to have them change your listing info.  But now, in the digital age, there are hundreds of locations where your company’s address can be listed online.  It is safe to assume that not all of those multiple listings will accurately represent your company’s current business name, business address and/or business telephone number, etc.

To help to clean up your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) info in various online business directories, I would suggest to start from ‘the top’ and work your way down.

You will want to start by correcting your business address with LocalezeAcxiom, and InfoGroup, and Factual. These are the 4 most common major business data aggregators in play these days. also has a service where they (say that they) ‘submit’ your NAP listing to InfoGroup & Acxiom for you. [UPDATE: I do not recommend using UBL’s service, as, for me, it has only proven to produce duplicate listings across many of their ‘publisher’ websites.] is another 3rd party that helps you to submit to other NAP sites for a large fee. [UPDATE: I highly recommend Yext’s service, as it first checks for existing listings then allows one to choose to update that existing listing before resorting to creating a new listing. We are a Certified YEXT Partner, ask us about our pricing.]

I personally like the search result functions of UBL and Yext, because they provide you with graphical idea of how your NAP listings appear (or don’t appear) on the most popular IYP-style websites / mapping apps.

From there, the theory is that, your new business address should propagate down to the ‘partner’ websites. It is said that it may take a month or a few months for the listings on the other sites to update based on this new data.

There is also a need to manually claim/update your info on some of the other more popular IYP (Internet Yellow Page) websites.  I have talked with tech support from some of these websites where one technician told me that, yes, they do use the database from Acxiom for their business listings, however the last time they actually synchronized / updated from that database was a year ago.

A pitfall that I have found in relying solely on the ‘major data aggregators (listed above) is that they will most likely not handle duplicate listings on their partner websites.

For example, I have clients where I have found 3 or 5 or more business listings on the same IYP website, each with slightly different NAP info or business name variations. (On sites such as:,,, etc.)  I often feel that their end goal is to have the largest business listing database, rather than the most accurate database. 😉

In this case you will need to contact tech support of those websites individually to request that they either delete and/or merge duplicate listings.  What I have done in these situations is… I would provide a link to each of the duplicate listings and then also show the support staff which listing is the proper/preferred listing.

Good luck in your NAP uniformity projects! If you need help with this, please contact us now to get started.

If you would like help fixing your online business listings, please call us at (262) 641-2613. We can perform an audit of your online business listings across all the various Internet Yellow Page (IYP) directories and the major data aggregators. We will help you determine what needs to be corrected. Remember, for search engine optimization purposes, it is important to maintain accurate Name, Address, & Phone (NAP) information online!