There is an abundant amount of information available to you from your web analytics, specifically Google Analytics in this case. Google Analytics is already a highly customizable, user-friendly analytics tool. Creating custom segments in Google Analytics helps you get your hands on specific data from your web analytics.

Some things you can do with custom segments in Google Analytics:

  • View website traffic with or without certain words
  • Add a segment to track all visits with questions
  • View website visits from specific states
  • Add a custom segment to see visits that exclude certain cities


Custom segments are a fairly neat feature and a great way to get the specific information you want. Once you create a custom segment and save it, you don’t have to keep adding it each time to get in Google Analytics, it will be there and you can check the box whenever you want to apply the custom segment.

How to create a custom segment in Google Analytics:

Go to your Google analytics dashboard and click on advanced segments on the top left-hand side of the page.

google analytics dashboard

You’ll see “default segments” on the left, and “custom segments” on the right. Under custom segments, click on  the “new custom segments” button.

Here you can add your custom segment. I chose to add a keyword filter as an example.

ga advanced segment


In the “name” field, type the name of your segment. I chose “visits containing SunAnt” as the name of my segment. Then I choose “keyword” from the green drop down box and typed “SunAnt” in the field next to “containing” because I want all the traffic containing SunAnt as a keyword.

visits containing keyword in ga


After that, you can preview your segment, or if you are ready, just click “save segment”.


save custom ga segment

Another example is setting a segment to see traffic from certain browsers. In this quick example I chose to filter traffic that is not from IE (Internet Explorer).

custom segment in ga


When I click “apply” I will see all my traffic filtered with that custom segment.


apply custom ga segment


As you can see, it’s not very hard to start to set up custom segments to pinpoint your website traffic to exactly what you are looking for. If you need any help setting up a custom filter in Google Analytics, leave a comment below. We’d also like to hear from you if you have a really awesome segment we may all want to try.