project force field wordpress Save your WordPress sites and servers from certain death during brute force attacks with Project Force Field!  Install the plugin and start protecting your website in under 10 seconds!

Our developers bring superior brute force attack protection to WordPress with our new plugin, Project Force Field. By tracking failed login attempts and taking advantage of Apache’s mod_rewrite module, Project Force Field stops Brute Force Attacks from bogging down your sites and servers.

Current Features

Sends a 403 error code to anyone visiting /wp-login.php – All brute force attacks we have seen target /wp-login.php. By responding with a 403 error, your WordPress files aren’t loaded, the Database isn’t queried, and the attacker doesn’t figure out your password.

Changes the default login URL – While a so-called hacker is being deflected by your new Force Field, you will log in with ease at /wp-admin/ or /admin/. When you do that, WordPress will redirect you to the new, proper login URL!

Automatically changes the login when a Brute Force Attack is detected – When too many login failures occur within a minute, Project Force Field shifts polarity! The new login previously used now responds with a 403 error, and a large random number is now used as your login URL!  To keep consistency, the login will return back to the previous version after a few hours of peaceful.

Unlimited polarity shifts – If a brute force attacker gets smart and writes a script to check for the new login URL, Project Force Field will continue to detect the attack and change the login.

Define the login yourself – By defining ‘OGFF_LOGIN’ in your wp-config.php, you can set the login to be almost anything you want.

If you are concerned about your website going down due to brute force attacks on your site, or you have noticed lag because of these attacks, install Project Force Field today and start shielding your site!