chris aykroid

Does your site look good? Does it POP? I mean is it easy to look at…do folks want to stay there a while…to see what happens next?

Opinions vary… but if you’re not happy with the look of it, chances are your potential customers aren’t either and you may need a graphic tune up. It’s been a while since graphics made web sites slow. Today’s graphics will make your site slick!

Some features in today’s web sites that you may be missing out on…

Wider viewing area … up to 1140 pixels …That is almost 16 inches, and that is just the content area itself, on a lot of screens, there is still a background area. In print, that would be a full spread on a very expensive tabloid size brochure. Keeping mind, also that you can scroll down several times the height of a typical tabloid size. This means more graphics, more functionality to sell your product… bigger photography too. Some really outstanding photos can be shown using nicely composed photos at this scale.

Extensive navigation … a button is no longer just a button with HTML 5 and CSS, you can fold your info, in an easy to under-stand way, into a navigation scheme that can easily lead your view into your company’s complete message and not only on the PC, but with today’s responsive design, the whole design can warp down to an Ipad and then on to a smart-phone…not so novel anymore, but it’s a necessity to be found on a mobile phone.

Infographics … says Wikipedia, that it’s “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.  They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends” . Infographics  can be done in many different ways. solid info using graphs and statistics, flow charts or just fun data using cartoons or even animations. These can be very captivating and bring plenty of “hits” to your web site, thus putting your product, service or message in the spotlight.

Animation … show just what your product can do.  Animations can be engaging, entertaining and informing. HTML 5 has made it possible to view animation on all mediums, no players to download, no spiteful computer founders agendas to get in the way, just communication on a higher level. Show your potential customer what it looks like, how it works, where it fits and what it does!

Video … You can also use video to present your product and with You Tube, Vimeo and others, it doesn’t even have to be on your server, with todays technologies, it’s as easy as cutting and pasting. Coming  are new HTML 5 tags that will make it even easier. A virtual tour of your plant or office, an interview with happy customers, an instructional piece as to how to use your product…its all available to you.

Value added Benefits … Getting your web site redesigned also has several other benefits as well…all of your marketing materials…Logo, slogan, ad concepts, print, colors will benefit from the development of your web site. The work done on your site will also translate into other mediums…tie-ins in radio, broadcast, print and signage and more, just think about it.

Keep in mind that this article is only focusing on the visual/graphic benefits and not even covering the benefits of Search Engine optimization, email communication other special business optimizing functions…stay tuned for more on this in the future.

So… does your website still looking like it’s working for you? 

Give the Orion Group a look and we will show you what your look could look like.

By Chris Aykroid ~ an Art Director at the Orion Group since 2001.