We have been working for some time with Jastroch and LaBarge, a Wisconsin Law Firm based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Jastroch and LaBarge, S.C. attorneys provide legal services in areas including Plaintiff’s Personal Injury, Consumer Protection (specifically Lemon Law), Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts), Probate, Real Estate & Property, Workers’ Compensation, Family Law, Social Security Disability, Civil and Business Litigation.

We have been working with Jastroch and LaBarge on improving their website with our SEO services. In the past we have been optimizing for the keywords “Attorneys in Wisconsin” and “Wisconsin Attorneys”, but we have just recently started to optimize for “Lawyers in Wisconsin” and “Wisconsin Lawyers”.  After only a few weeks of optimization efforts we have seen a jump in the rankings for these ‘lawyer’ related keywords.

In the coming months we will make an effort to further refine our optimization efforts to the best performing keywords and look forward to keeping Jastroch and LaBarge as long-term clients.

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