Hello everyone. When I reach out to you through these monthly mailers I always try and give you the latest news regarding the Internet, Google, web sites and industry alerts. This month I’d like to focus on three main topics.

    1. Firefox blocks Flash, and Facebook calls for its death
    2. Old Web Sites! Is yours one?

  1. Google’s Mobilegeddon, the continuing saga unfolds!

NEWS ALERT! Firefox blocks Flash, and Facebook calls for its death


The use of Adobe Flash has been facing doom and gloom on the Internet for over a decade. There are still new websites going up with flash elements in them and some entirely new web sites built in Flash. Apple was one of the first to give Flash a death notice when they banned it from there devices. Their iPads and cell phones will not play flash movies and have not for at least a decade. There are alternatives to using Flash with the advent of HTML5 standards but some companies have disregarded these bad practices.

If you have any type of Flash playing on your web site you should highly consider getting rid of it and doing something else. It’s use might also be a sign of the age of your web site. If this is the case you need to really consider remodeling your web site. It’s time!

Is your website getting old? Have you been putting off remodeling your web site?

These are serious questions and if your answers are yes, you really need to consider what’s going on in the real world! Old web sites generally are of and old school HTML 3 or HTML 4 standard. If this is you, you are simply sinking into a deeper hole every day. Old architectured web sites are not SEO friendly (search engine optimised). They are full of deprecated HTML tags and practices that should not be used any longer.

You know the purpose of screens on your windows and doors right? They keep mosquitoes and other bugs from entering your house. The same is true if you have an old web site that has utilized old school practices that were okay at the time your website was built. This is no longer the case. You see, Google and other search engines simply bounce off your web site as if they ran into a screen door. You want search engines to come into your web site and index everything that is viable and well structured content. Now, there is a lot of geek speak to explain all of this, but the fact remains an old websites simply are not search engine friendly any longer.

This should be a wake up call for all businesses to research this issue. Any reputable Web Design & Development Agency should be able to provide an analysis on your web site. It is worth the time and expense to find out the truth.

Google’s Mobilegeddon, the continuing saga unfolds!


As has been reported for months now, Google released it’s latest algorithm on April 21st, of this year. While doom and gloom was reported with websites that were not mobile friendly would be suppressed in search results done on smartphones. This is still the case.

This was reported in the Wall Street Journal:
Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Was a Big Deal, After All
“Mobilegeddon fears have come true,” said Tamara Gaffney, an Adobe analyst, said. The changes to Google’s search algorithm prompted many website operators to alter their sites, to assure that the sites remained visible in Google search results.”

This was reported in CIO TODAY:
Google’s Mobilegeddon Strikes Mobile-Unfriendly WebSites
“Nevertheless, Google seems to have had good reason to prioritize the importance of mobile-friendly sites. The amount of Web traffic from mobile devices is expected to surpass traffic from desktops and laptops for the first time within the next 18 months.”

This was reported on VentureBeat:
Adobe: Mobilegeddon cut traffic to mobile-unfriendly sites by 10 percent
“The Reports found that Google’s Mobilegeddon impact has been growing weekly since April, when the search giant first decided to give mobile search result preferences to mobile-optimized websites.”

What is amazing to me is a phenomenon I am witnessing. I am beginning to sense a complacency in the business climate that indicates that  “The world did not end”, “Chicken Little was wrong”, “Someone cried wolf”, and “The Internet did not explode”. So are business turning a blind eye to what really has happened? The facts are incontrovertible. “Mobilegeddon” did occur and it has caused those sites that are mobile friendly with the best seats in the house. This means at the top of the results for searches done on smartphones. Those are the websites that are reaping the rewards. This is simply the truth.

If your website is not mobile friendly or you don’t know if it is you can check here and find out.  Plug your web site in there. If it is determined your website is not mobile friendly, you will simply disappear in smartphone search results.

Just think, complacency at it’s worst. We heard the warnings and did nothing about it.
All the best will happen to those sites that are mobile friendly and responded to “Mobilegeddon”
The worst will happen to those that did not heed the warnings

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