In this month’s newsletter we’ll share about how you can get more out of Google Places for your business. Also, were you aware of a recent change in Google’s algorithm that affected around 12% of all searches in the USA? Read on…


Local Search Engine Optimization: Google Places

Small business & organizations need help getting more visibility in the search engines. Call us to learn about ways to get your Google Places listing more attention, for example, by writing online reviews, or using microformats on your website.

New Google Algorithm Reduces Spam… Up to 12% of Searches Affected!

A recent Google algorithm upgrade was the cause of uproar in some online communities. Visit or website and find the latest blog post for more information about the Google ranking update that might or might not have affected your website. Google’s mission is, “to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.” Read more about this algorithm upgrade at our blog post Google’s New Guidelines on Quality Content