The other day I was taking a look at a website that Google made to showcase their Google Ads product. I was impressed with how Google had organized their content and seemed to understand exactly what visitors would be looking for.

The screenshots I’ve included show my thoughts (in red) behind Google’s design:

google ads 01

Content is organized by type of visitor



google ads 02

Visitors can choose to navigate according to their interests



google ads 03

Success stories and testimonials are a great addition to any website.



google ads 06

Obviously Google has done their research and know what people want.



google ads 04

Google knows not to show advanced topics to beginners, so it tucks away specific content just for experienced advertisers on its own page.


Make it easier for your website visitors to browse your website. This is easy if you can identify in the design process, what people are looking for the most and leading the website visitors to content that is specific to there needs. I hope you can use the information in this example on your own website!