Last month we introduced the topic of social media and how search engines are beginning to show more and more results that include content from social media venues. This month we continue on that note as well as give you a couple of other ideas on how to improve your online marketing efforts.

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Proper Use of Social Media Can Help Your Business

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Because of the constant upward trend in social media usage, the rise of mobile technology, and the increase in requests for social media help, Orion Group is now offering social media marketing services. At a relatively low cost compared to other marketing initiatives, social media has proven to be a viable way of brand-building and improving customer retention.

What are some reasons to take action with social media?

Check out this slideshow we found very interesting and helpful to explain recent mobile and internet marketing statistics.

You can be confident, because we are competent

Through our knowledge of internet marketing, technology, and our proven track record, we are confident that we can show you how to create a unique and successful social media campaign tailored specifically to your business objectives.

Good Customer Reviews = Top Rank for Local SEO

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Local SEO – Increase Local Search Rankings and Gain More Business

As a small business, local customers are likely the foundation of your business. One of the most important things you can do to target your local customers is to optimize your website for local search or to do “Local SEO.”

View one of our recent posts on Local SEO to learn how you can start to take action today to attract your local customers to your business.

Click here to read Good Customer Reviews = Top Ranking for Local SEO

Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Business

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Choosing the right keywords to describe your business can make or break your online visibilty

When you ask a business owner what keywords they would choose to describe their business, most often they are very different than what a customer would use. It is also important to know that writing for the web, is different than writing for print advertising. Check out our latest post on keywords: Keyword Crazy: Try Playing Baseball in Googleland. Our guest post contributor, Jack Harms goes in detail explaining how writing for the web is completely different than writing for print ads and the importance of knowing the difference.