milwaukee web design Web design has really taken on a whole new form with the integration of content management systems. Content management systems such as WordPress are a very popular platform for web designers to build new websites with ease and it’s easier for users to access their website content and edit it from the back-end.

WordPress has become really popular with many Milwaukee web developers. SunAnt Interactive has recently started creating numerous websites with WordPress because it’s highly customizable and user friendly. Existing WordPress themes can be edited and customized to create just about any type of website you can imagine.

WordPress plugins are available so that you can add even more features to your website such as social media icons and many back-end items such as Google Analytics.

Another reason SunAnt Interactive, and many other Milwaukee web developers use WordPress, is because WordPress has the largest open source content management system community. This means if you have a question on changing, adding, or removing items on your WordPress website, the WordPress forum has your answer or someone who can answer it. Once a website is created, there is an incredible WordPress community for WordPress users that aren’t as experienced with WordPress, that you can go to for WordPress questions and support.

Not only are the WordPress forums a great place for WordPress information, but if you are a Milwaukee WordPress user, there are plenty of opportunities to get information from fellow WordPress users from Milwaukee meetups or groups. Milwaukee web designers and developers have come together to create a very popular Milwaukee WordPress Meetup.

The Milwaukee WordPress Meetup group is a great place for new and experienced WordPress users to gather and share what they know about WordPress, and exchange thoughts and ideas on how to improve each others WordPress skills. This group has also just begun planning next year’s first Milwaukee Wordcamp.

Wordcamp is a nationally known conference that focuses on everything related to WordPress. Similar to the Milwaukee WordPress Meetup, WordCamps are informal conferences where WordPress users of all kinds gather to share their knowledge. We had the chance to visit the Chicago WordCamp this year and observed and participated in advanced user discussions that ranged from tips on E-Commerce strategies, to custom theme and plugin design. Less advanced users had the chance to learn how to use WordPress for blogging, and ways to use WordPress for small business.

As you can see, SunAnt Interactive, and many other Milwaukee web developers, trust WordPress as a tool to create customizable and robust websites.


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