website being built 300x214 As seen in Part 1, establishing and streamlining your website gives you a solid foundation from which to grow. Successful sites employ dynamic tactics for drawing visitors, encouraging interactions and staying visible to search engines. Optimize your site and start boosting traffic with these five tactics.

1. Be Creative with Content

Consistently posting fresh content brings search engine robots to your site on a regular basis. If your site is a news portal or blog, you’ve probably already established a posting schedule. However, business sites also need new content, so consider starting a blog or vlog. You can make posts yourself, include contributions from employees or invite others in the industry to post. Continually update old content to reflect the latest information and trends so that your site is always active.

2. Get Engaged

Content invites comments, and people like to know their opinions are being heard. Set up email alerts for new replies to your posts, and respond as soon as possible. Doing so can start interesting conversations and gives new life to older posts. It can also prompt social sharing to boost visibility and draw more visitors into the discussion.

3. Link Up with Social Media

Experts on SEO agree having a strong link network is important for search engine rankings and recommend gathering as many relevant links as you can. Social media automatically supplies these types of links by creating a “web” of all your online real estate.

If you don’t already have a social media presence, find the best platforms for your type of site and set up detailed profiles. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all good for promoting posts and making connections. Instagram or Pinterest may be beneficial if you have a lot of images and videos to share.

4. Localize

Every business needs to be thinking about local SEO. Localized keywords, accurate business listings and the inclusion of contact information on site pages are all necessary if you want to rank high in local search results. Check that your business name, address and phone number appear prominently on your site, and set up a Google My Business page to make it easy for potential customers to contact you directly from search results.

5. Make Friends with Influencers

When you’re just starting out, building a solid reputation for your site can seem like an uphill battle. Get a little help from people who are already at the top in your niche or industry. Look for influential blog writers and journalists, and check out who’s popular on social media. Get in touch with these people, explain the premise and purpose of your site and ask if they would be willing to give you a shout-out in an upcoming post.

Come back soon for part 3 of this series. Every step you take to increase the visibility of your site and establish a strong presence for yourself within your niche or industry should have positive effects on your web presence. The SunAnt Interactive Marketing Experts can get you noticed online. By focusing on engagement and user experience, you can make your site more enjoyable for visitors and increase your search engine rankings.

Photo by medithIT from Flickr using Creative Commons license.