In Hangar / Rocket Assembly

As with all Missions, planning is absolutely key. It is no different with preparing to raise your website’s profile in the Cyberverse.

During this phase, we:

  • On-board
  • Internal Kick-Off
  • Conduct preliminary Discovery
  • Conduct a Team Kick-off
Who we are
Who we are

Roll-out to Launch Pad

Primary Stage SEO Treatment

  • Develop Action Items Who, What, When
  • Develop Timeline
  • Identify Goal Conversion Points

Fueling & Pre-Launch Checks

In order to make sure everything is in order for launch, we have an extensive fueling and pre-launch checklist.

During this phase, we:

  • Setup and integrate Google Analytics (if needed)
  • Implementation and webmaster tools (if needed)
  • Cleanup xml sitemap and submit xml sitemap (if needed)
  • CIR (Competitive Intelligence Report) which includes Custom keyword research and analysis
  • Conduct a Fill Site Audit (one-time setup)
  • Conduct Custom keyword research and analysis
  • X hours (TBD given size and complexity of site) of optimization & consultation
    • title tags
    • heading tags
    • meta tags
    • alt tags
    • page load time
  • Setup goals in GA
  • Linkwork
    • Basic back link audit (make sure no spamming links point to your domain)
      • Disavow any toxic backlinks via Google disavow
    • Internal/External linking – create linking structure that helps boost rankings and help navigate through your site
  • NAP (name, address, phone) audit & correction
    • Setup business listing on Moz Local & Yext
    • Verify Google business listing and Bing listing (if not already verified)
Who we are
Who we are


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Trajectory & Telemetry Monitoring

Regardless of destination and payload, SunAnt Mission Control maintains continual tabs on your vehicle.

On a monthly basis, we monitor the following:

  • Site Health
  • Google Analytics
  • Site Errors – broken links/crawl errors in Google Search Console
  • Conversions – tracking and reporting
  • Keyword Position Tracking – tracking 30-50 keywords and your site’s performance vs 9 direct online competitors
  • Name Address Phone

We also adjust to conditions and performance on a monthly basis:

  • Site Health-Related Fixes
  • Content Development and Optimization
  • Social Media Syndication

Mission Review

  • Monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting
  • Progress made in last month
  • Punch list for coming month
Who we are