Our internet marketing department sends out a minimum of three different reports per month to show our Milwaukee SEO clients the progress of search engine optimization efforts.

Traffic Report

On the 1st day of each month our clients receive a monthly traffic report consisting of data taken from their Google Analytics data.  This report shows data such as which webpages on their website were visited the most via search engines, it shows the top keywords that visitors used via search engines.  The traffic report also shows how website visitors interact with the client’s website, such as how long they stayed on the site, how many pages were visited, and how many visits ‘bounced’ (viewing only 1 page on the website and took no further action.)

traffic report

Ranking Charts

On the 10th day of each month, our clients receive a monthly ranking chart report that contains charts showing the overall ranking progress for various types of keywords.  The types of keywords include groups such as keyword phrases that we are currently optimizing, terms we have previously optimized, and keywords that we are watching for future potential optimization efforts.

ranking charts

Ranking History Graphs

On the 20th day of each month we send a report to our internet marketing clients that shows a more detailed history of ranking progress for each individual keyword that we are currently optimizing.  In this SEO report, we sometimes include previously optimized keywords depending on how many keyword phrases may be included in the report.  These keyword history graphs show the weekly up and/or down fluctuations of keyword ranking.  This report is also helpful to show the impact of certain events, such as search engine algorithm adjustments or the starting/stopping of keyword optimization, as it shows the ranking data in a graphical format.  The ranking URL is also tracked which is helpful to determine which page of the website ranks better for a certain keyword, so that link-building efforts can be directed toward that page.

rank history graphs

Besides these automated reports sent monthly, our SEO analysts also send handcrafted progress reports and needed as well as work reports showing the backlinks built to the client’s website, the adjustments we made to the client’s website, or perhaps other off-site tasks, such as Google Places listings optimization.