Client: a well-known home repair contractor local to the Milwaukee area.

Our work on behalf of this long-time client has resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic to their site, resulting in a substantial increase in prospective customers and new business.

We work month in and month out to improve ranking performance for a sizeable list of targeted keywords (search terms that local homeowners use when doing a web search for the specific home repair work this client provides).

The internet marketeers at SunAnt interactive work with many local businesses in the southeast Wisconsin area and beyond. We help our clients increase their search visibility which drives sales and profits.

At the authoring of this case study, our most recent report to this client showed the following results from Organic Search Traffic:

Number of New Site Users (The number of first-time users during a selected date range.)

Case Study 1 Users

Latest 12 months = 10,715 users

Prior year = 8,978 users

= Increase of 19.35% (current compared to prior period)

Number of Sessions (A session is the period of time a user is actively engaged with your website, app, etc.)

Case Study 1 Sessions

Latest 12 months = 13,489 sessions

Prior year = 11,261 sessions

= Increase of 19.79% (current compared to prior period)

Currently we are tracking 37 keywords for this local home repair contractor, while at the same time tracking their site against six other competitors.

All 37 keywords we track for are currently on the first page of Google (top 10 results), with 18 of these targeted keywords ranking number one in their local market!

In addition to keeping those 18 keywords at number one, we are actively working on the other 19 to get them to the same position.

Since search engine position tracking does change on an almost daily basis based on the vagaries of Google, we monitor continuously in order to stay up to date on the latest search engine updates.

As with all of our SEO accounts, we keep our clients informed on their keyword rankings by sending out monthly ranking and competitive reports outlining how their targeted keywords are performing.

At the client’s request (in this case) we also do small updates for them (text changes, etc.). This Client is also on a monthly maintenance plan, which keeps the website software updated and backed up, makes sure that the site isn’t down, protects from malware attacking the site, etc.

All of this provides peace of mind for the business owner, enabling him to run his business efficiently.