What is your business’ most important keywords? This is an important question to ask yourself in order to have a website that is targeted to your audience, and successful in the search engine results. Not only do you have to ask yourself, “what are my most important keywords?” you have to consider what words your customers might use to describe your business and services, as well as research what types of keywords your competitors are using.

Some actions you can take right now:

1.) Write down keywords YOU think describe your business and services.

2.) Ask your customers what they might type in a search engine to find you.

3.) Visit a few of your competitors’ websites. Right click and scroll down to “view page source.” Press control + F and type in “<title>”, “description”, or “keywords” and you can view some keywords they use to describe their own services.

Check out our PDF download from a recent speaking event below to get a  more detailed explanation on how to do these things and more:

SEO – Identifying Your My Most Important Keywords (PDF download)

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