Will Buying Domain Names Help With SEO?

Have you been buying up every possible domain name you can think of related to your business like a crazy cookie-hungry monster?

Many people think that buying a ton of domain names will help with SEO. Buying up domain names will not help your visibility in the search engines. It might help you to track offline marketing efforts if you use a domain name to forward to a specific landing page for a postal mailing for example, but if you are buying domain names for search engine optimization purposes, you really need to create at least a single page of unique content, or by creating a mini site – Otherwise it’s wasted money.

Creating a mini site isn’t that difficult though. All it requires is a simple setup of a blogging platform/content management system like WordPress. WordPress is designed so that you can easily publish content on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry much about the look-and-feel, because it’s really the content that matters in this case.

You can create a blog on WordPress.com or by using the self-hosted version through WordPress.org. The hosted version, WordPress.com, does not allow you to create a completely unique domain name without addition fees, but many people find it easier to use than WordPress.org because they don’t want to deal with setting up their own hosting account or asking their web developer to do it for them.

For example, your domain name on WordPress.com would look something like this by default:


So if you fully intend on creating unique content often on each domain name you buy, go for it! Buy up those domain names and start writing your heart out. Otherwise, steer clear of gobbling up every domain name you can think of just because you think it will help you with your SEO.