spam experts The people have spoken, and we listened. If you are tired of the amount of spam coming to your inbox, the amount of time it takes you to sift through and delete all of it, don’t worry, there is a solution heading your way.

This is why we have decided to start offering Spam Experts spam filtering in addition to our basic SpamAssassin filtering service. This powerful cloud-based service processes and eliminates spam before it ever reaches your inbox, giving you more time and freedom to accomplish more important tasks, like running your business.

Spam Experts provides both incoming and outgoing filtering for your email, both of which can provide great benefit to you and your organization.

The incoming filter helps protect you from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks against your network. This means not only less junk mail but also your chances of receiving malicious attachments that can harm your computer or privacy are greatly reduced as well.  Less spam also means less work for you trying to find the important emails that your business needs to survive.

Spam Experts also provides outgoing filtering that protects your business in other ways as well.  If your computer or network happens to get infected you can save yourself the embarrassment of having to explain why you  unknowingly emailed all of our business contacts discounted pharmaceutical ads because Spam Experts monitors for and blocks this as well.  Not only can it help preserve your reputation, but it can also prevent you from getting blacklisted by spam traps.  Getting blacklisted by spam filters is serious, and getting removed from these lists can be a painful and arduous task.  Not only do you lose the ability to email important clients, other people using the same network as you may lose that ability as well.

If you are interested in setting up your email to utilize the Spam Experts service contact us today and we can help to clean up your inbox!

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