inbound marketing word cloud on blackboard 300x200 Is there something missing in your marketing strategies? Do you feel like the old ways of print advertising and even advertising online through Facebook and other venues is useless?

Well, I’m here to tell you marketing doesn’t work as well as you think anymore. Times have changed. People aren’t looking to be sold anymore. They aren’t looking to have people call them on the phone and sell them a product. Those things are all becoming less useful and marketers and salespeople are being shut down more than ever. Here is where the concept of Inbound Marketing comes in.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a way to share with people, the expertise that you have without trying to sell them a product or service directly. These days, you have to have reputation, online presence and know how to converse with people in order to get new business. Inbound Marketing is a way of sharing knowledge in a non-threatening way. Research shows that many people feel pushed or threatened when salespeople call or try to get them to buy something. Inbound Marketing is the new strategy to engage people and build relationships with people before selling them products or services.

Why should you engage in Inbound Marketing?

Companies that aren’t engaging in Inbound Marketing are becoming lost in the marketing world. Print ads and past ways of selling products and services aren’t working anymore. For myself, every time a person calls me to sell something, I try to sell them something back (haha). In all seriousness, I have no interest in buying products and services from people I don’t trust or know anything about. When you engage in Inbound Marketing, you become a reputable professional and source. Being a reputable source will allow you to be ahead of others in the same industry trying to still sell in the old ways of cold calling, email blasts, etc. (These things have their place in Inbound Marketing, but it is a process.)

How do I start Inbound Marketing?

Be the professional! Start making content through blogs that your prospects would want to know about and that will help them in everyday life. Giving quick tips and fun facts about your industry and knowledge is something that people want to see and enjoy.

This blog is an example of Inbound Marketing that we use to share marketing tips to engender goodwill. Give the inbound marketing experts at SunAnt a call at 262-641-6413, and we’ll help get you started in this method of growing your business.