Example: We want to create a submenu in WooCommerce on pages related to About Us.  The pages are About Us, Meet the Team, Our History, and Our Mission.  We want links to these pages in the sidebar of these pages.

To prep: install and activate the WooSidebars plugin. “With WooSidebars, it’s possible to change the widgets that display in a sidebar (widgetized area) according to a context (for example, a specific page, a specific blog post, certain categories or the search results screen).”

Create a custom Widget Area

  1. Click on Widget Areas under Appearance
  2. Add a new Widget Area and title it the general section for the submenu (example: About Us)
  3. Towards the bottom, check the box next to each page you want the submenu to display on
  4. Click Update

Create a custom menu

  1. Go to Menus under Appearance
  2. Create a new menu and title it the same thing as the submenu
  3. Edit the new menu and add all of the pages
  4. Save the menu

Add the custom menu to the sidebar

  1. Go to Widgets under Appearance
  2. Add a Custom Menu widget to the new widget area (titled About Us)
  3. Select the new menu (About Us) and save the widget

Also see A Tour of the WordPress Admin Panel