twitter logo png transparent background Twitter has become it’s own creature since the time of its birth in March of 2006. When it first came out, all of us were in the middle of our honeymoon stage on Facebook, enthralled with the social power of it all. Do you still not understand Twitter or how to compose a fantastic tweet? Read on if you want a few tips on composing a fantastic tweet. It is definitely a science of its own.

Tips to Composing a Fantastic Tweet

Tip #1: Be Concise and Specific

When composing a fantastic tweet, it is important to stay within the guidelines of Twitter. You are allowed up to 140 characters in a tweet.  This only gives you so much space to fill with rich and quality content, which is why it is important to be concise and specific when composing your tweet. People don’t want to keep reading and reading and reading and…oh, you get the point.

for twitter blog Tip# 2: Use Images

We have found that when reading tweets or looking for an interesting one to read, a tweet with an image attached to it draws our attention that much more. This tip to composing a fantastic tweet isn’t really a tip…it’s mandatory in my book. Images are vital to engagement on any social platform and recently has become even more vital for Twitter.

Tip #3: Shorten Links

When you shorten links in your tweets, they become easier to read and stay within the character limits mentioned before. A clean looking tweet without “….” at the end of it is more effective and legible. Shortening links will also give a tweet a more personalized feel. You have the capability to make a shortened URL link that has your brand name in it. For SunAnt, we like to use BufferApp. There are also tools like Bitly, and

Tip #4: Use Hashtags…Properly

It is important in tweeting to always use hashtags (topics) properly. Too many will make you look like spam. Hashtags that have nothing to do with your tweet are just as bad. You must be intentional with the hashtags that you choose. Hashtags are a means to conversation. Be specific.

Tip #5: Mention People or Companies

When you mention other people or companies pages that you are talking about already within an article or blog post, you have potential to reach their networks as well by linking their Twitter profiles. Engaging content with people and companies allows space to have conversations and start a relationship.

If you want to make a fantastic tweet, these components must be in place and must be done properly. If you are in need of help with this or have no idea where to start, please feel free to contact us here at SunAnt Interactive, or call (262) 641-2613. We are here to help!