So, this morning, one of our web developers was surfing the web to see if TMJ4 happened to have been covering a story on the DHS happenings in Seattle.

He stumbled upon TMJ4’s Twitter link in the footer of their website at:

twitter link in website footer goes to wrong twitter profile for todays tmj4

Was the TMJ4 Twitter account hacked? Or did their web developer just make a boo boo?

When our developer clicked that Twitter icon, it brought him to a twitter profile that didn’t seem quite right.

twitter account for tmj4 hacked

This is a screenshot of what we thought was the TMJ4 Twitter account… but after search a little further, we found a different Twitter profile.

Here is TMJ4’s real Twitter account.

the correct tmj4 twitter account

As you can see, the web developers over at TMJ4 really need to update the footer of their website so that the Twitter icon links to the proper Twitter profile!


The take-away from this story? … Webmasters and business owners should pay attention to what is being posted to their website.