What exactly is Trello?

Trello management is a cross-platform application we here at Orion Group and many others use on a daily basis as a task management system. Everyone may have their own need for a task management system, and we believe Trello can handle anything from large scope management, to the most minute of detail you need it to achieve. Trello is a great platform for companies small or large, team coordination, or even individual use.

Uses for Trello

We here at the Orion Group like to use Trello to manage all incoming projects on a larger scale. Each lead developer gets their own card and is in charge of maintaining where they are at in each project. Every morning the development team gets together for a meeting and we use our Trello boards as a tool that allows us to talk about what everyone is up to, what they’re plans are, and how long will it take.

trello board

But what about outside the corporate environment?

“[Trello] is also.for planning a wedding, for making a list of potential vacation spots to share with your family, for keeping track of applicants to open job positions, and for a billion other things. In fact Trello is for anything where you want to maintain a list of lists with a group of people.” – Trello

Trello management can be used for personal life as well. Who do you need to call? What appointments do you need to setup? You can even make your own grocery list, and read it on your phone.

trello board on phone

Now you must be wondering “How can I get my hands on something this awesome?”

Trello is absolutely free for corporations or individuals! Anyone is able to sign up on Trello’s website. We find Trello to be a valuable part of our workflow, and we hope this can help you out as well.