how often should i tweet How many times per day should you tweet?

I often get asked by clients about social media and how much they should be using it. Specifically though, regarding Twitter, how many tweets-per-day you should be doing is subjective to how many other users your followers are following. If they are not following many people, your tweet interval will appear to be frequent. If they have many people in their following list, your tweeting might feel slow.

In general, you could probably get away with tweeting 3-5 times a day for starters.

On the topic of what to write about… by curating content, you could re-tweet links to relevant articles you find interesting. This might help others to view you as a resource in your niche. Or, you could ask a thoughtful question, or you could reply to someone’s question. (in less than 140 characters, of course.)

However, you don’t have to interact with people if you don’t want to. It could be a one way stream from you to your followers, but it helps to have short two-way conversations as well.