I may not approve of what you write, but I make it my business to guarantee you can continue to write it.

Blog Development and/or Hosting

SunAnt is 100% committed to free speech. Even to speech we don’t necessarily agree with. We’ve got blogs hosted on our servers covering the whole gamut of political opinions. We don’t discriminate. We just fix blogs, update blog platforms, conduct blog host migrations or blog conversions.

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Directory website development

Directory website development is near and dear to our hearts, of course, as it typically requires a ton of discovery to match the publisher’s business rules. Sometimes, directory sites allow people to subscribe and publish their own listings. Usually, directory websites permit distinct levels of subscriptions providing standard and premium listings to subscribers.

WordPress Blog Help

Whether you’re looking to start a blog, convert your Blogger/Blogspot or Expression Engine to WordPress, migrate your blog to a new web host, or fix/add additional functionality to your blog, we can help. Learn more about mobile web development on our blog. We write about WordPress, and WordCamp, too.

  • AceWeekly (Lexington Kentucky’s Weekly Arts & Entertainment Magazine)
  • Barefoot and Progressive (Liberal Politics)
  • Maggie’s Notebook (Conservative Politics)
  • Lawyers Guns and Money (Liberal Politics)
  • Lonely Conservative (Conservative Politics)
  • WYSIWYG & HTML editors – add/edit/delete pages & posts on-the-fly in real-time
  • Post categories
  • Recent posts
  • Recent comments
  • Contributors list (w/ bios)
  • Blogroll
  • Featured posts
  • Featured images
  • Image galleries
  • Images w/captions
  • Excerpts
  • Tags
  • Search posts / blog
  • Post archives
  • Built-in ads, banner management, adsense integration
  • Blog subscribe / RSS syndication
  • Social media marketing tools integration (Sharethis)

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