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Whether B2B, B2C… no matter the industry, we can make short work of getting your products and services online. Just ask any of these SunAnt eCommerce Website Clients…

eCommerce sites typically require much more discovery than an informational site. In order to properly put a number to the effort required to build an ecommerce website, we will ask you lots of questions, such as the following:

  • What kind of products are you selling?
    • Are the products variable products (such as one item may have multiple SKUs relating to different colors or sizes)?
    • Are the products virtual and/or downloadable products (for instance, customer makes a purchase of an ebook)?
    • Are the products subscription “products” (for example, 3 or 6 month subscription access to member content)?
    • Are the products product bundles?
    • What payment gateway/processor do you intend to use?
    • What shipping provider(s) do you intend to use?
    • Do you have different customer groups that need different pricing based on their group’s tier?
    • How many of each products in total will your online store have?
    • How many categories?

Once we work out the details, we can put a solid quote together for you and produce a great e-commerce website for you.

Meanwhile, learn Business Tips on our blog. Ecommerce tips too!

“Finding someone able to work within our “unique” system and infrastructure and match it to a modern eCommerce site was proving to be a nightmare. I contacted SunAnt on a whim and after the first meeting my mind was made up. These were people I could work with to develop a new site.

They gave me a hard quote and I looked at the fine print to make sure I wasn’t missing anything because I figured my needs would far exceed what they quoted. I’m pretty sure I was right. However, they kept their word and never said anything about the ‘special’ requests that kept popping up. That’s true professionalism.

–  Tom Pachner, National Sales Manager, Amateur Electronic Supply LLC, WI
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“Here at storeWALL, messaging is a critical factor in our business. SunAnt Interactive has played a critical role in the formation of storeWALL’s message and equally important, its delivery to our market. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results as the conversion rate on the storeWALL website has almost quadrupled. How was this achieved?

SunAnt took a hands-on role in the development of our website. They helped to select the imagery. They helped to construct the navigation formatting. They helped to find the plug-ins that were best suited to the nuances of our business. The result is a website that provides storeWALL customers with the clarity, brevity, and specificity we need to succeed in the markets we serve.

Upon implementation, SunAnt continues to help. They monitor the performance of the website and have been active advocates for constructive adjustments that will better help our customers find us and then buy from us.

Best of all, SunAnt did all of this for storeWALL on time and on budget.”

– Kevin Keenan, CEO, storeWall

Typical eCommerce websites include some or all of the following Functionality:

  • Single page checkout
  • Guest checkout
  • Pre orders
  • Set minimum and max order quantities
  • Real-time shipping quote estimates
  • Agree to terms before ordering
  • Refunds and store credits
  • Custom checkout form fields
  • Shipping tracking numbers
  • Built-in order messaging system
  • One click re-order
  • Unlimited categories & sub-categories
  • Add products to unlimited number of categories
  • Configure products with custom options & custom fields
  • Set minimum & maximum order quantities & bulk discount quantity pricing
  • Create and assign brands/manufacturers to products
  • Per-product and per-option (configuration) SKUs
  • Product compare, reviews & comments
  • Set per-product gift wrapping
  • Choose if a product is taxable or not
  • Live shipping quotes & enable free shipping on a per-product basis
  • Sell digital (virtual) products
  • “Catalog only” mode and “Call for pricing” options
  • Options displayed with order and on invoice
  • Per-product & per-option inventory levels
  • Inventory tracking can be disabled per product
  • Set low stock level warning for each product
  • Set current stock level per product option
  • Set low stock level per product option
  • Automatic inventory control disables purchasing when no stock
  • Low stock reminder indicators & detailed inventory report for all products
  • Delivery confirmation of purchase via email
  • Unlimited tax rates & zones
  • State & country-based tax zones
  • Prices include/exclude tax & flat tax option
  • Tax rate display in store & tax shown on invoices, etc
  • Flexible tax rules & flow
  • Full product catalog
  • Online checkout system
  • “Call for pricing” & one click add to cart
  • Product comparisons
  • Order status updates
  • Email & print invoices
  • Order messaging system
  • Trackable coupon codes, Coupon expiry dates & limited use settings
  • Bulk discounts per product
  • Gift certificates with Online certificate use
  • Discount rules system (Buy one get one free, etc, Free shipping over $x, $x on orders over $y)
  • “Customers who viewed this product also viewed”
  • Popular products list, New products list & Top sellers list
  • Quick search popup box & “Did you mean?” spelling
  • Integrates with any live chat software
  • Newsletter Sign-Up & RSS feeds
  • Integration of, Stripe, PayPal, etc.
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx address label printing
  • COD, pay in store, cheque, etc.
  • Take orders over the phone
  • Sell in multiple currencies
  • Real time shipping quotes for UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Define your own shipping rates
  • Limit shipping methods by country
  • Limit shipping methods by state
  • Limit shipping methods by zip code
  • Various free shipping options
  • Add handling cost to orders
  • Flexible customer groups
  • Wholesale/retail pricing
  • Per-group pricing
  • Per-group discounts
  • Set a default group for new customers
  • Category level discounts
  • Move customers between groups
  • Filter customers by group
  • Enter new customer details one-by-one
  • Import customers from CSV file

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