On-Demand Hourly Web Development

When you need help NOW…

Hourly Web Development Engagements

Sometimes you just need someone to help with the heavy lifting, such as migrating an existing site from one CMS platform to another or migrating an existing site from your current host to another host. Sometimes it’s more a matter of fixing something that’s been busted and is driving you mad. Other times, you just want someone to verify that your current web vendor or web marketing vendor is doing a decent job… or if they’re doing anything at all other than cashing your checks.

In these cases, you need someone who can come in, assess the job, get it done properly and then leave you alone. That’s us.

On-Demand services we offer:

Converting an existing website from one platform into WordPress:

  • from HTML to WordPress
  • from Joomla to WordPress
  • from ModX to WordPress
  • from Drupal to WordPress
  • from Wix to WordPress
  • from Blogger to WordPress
  • from Findlaw to WordPress

Taking a shabby-looking or shoddy or old-school site and bringing it up-to-date.

  • Theme Update Help
  • Plugin Update Help
  • Fixing Busted Code
  • Adding Functionality
  • Changing the Look & Feel of your site
  • Fix URL Structure / Correcting Permalinks
  • Making Your Site Responsive
  • Fixing Forms
  • WordPress Integrations

Migrating an existing site from one host environment to another.

  • from/to GoDaddy
  • from/to 1and1
  • from/to BlueHost
  • from/to HostGator
  • from wherever
  • to wherever/SunAnt

When you absolutely, positively need an Ace programmer.

  • JQuery & JavaScript

We also do Specialty and Custom Website Design

Sometimes a second opinion on an existing Vendor’s work is a good thing.

  • Audit PPC Campaigns
  • Audit SEO Work
  • Audit Web Developer
  • Review Proposals
  • Review Quotes
  • Help Transition Away
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Tag Development
  • Intrasite Linking
  • Implementation
  • Macro-Audit
  • Quality Score : $ Spent
  • Quality Score Optimization
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Pages

User Interface Architecture & Design for Web Applications.

  • User Interfaces
  • User Paths
  • Lead Capture
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Prototypes

Have a project you’re interested in discussing with us? Give us a call or stop by. We’d love to talk!