At Orion, we are passionate about helping local small business owners create a successful online presence. Our goal for our blog is to provide you with informative posts about our industry and posts that aim to help you manage your online presence better. 

Although we receive comments from time to time on our posts, we know that the subjects of our posts are what we think may be helpful and insightful for you, but not necessarily your most pertinent Internet marketing concerns.

For example, we’ve noticed that one of our most recent blog post on tracking QR codes in Google Analytics seems to be very popular. We’ve received many questions on how to properly track them, since it can get a little confusing and tricky. Perhaps a webinar would help you learn how to track QR code more easily than just a simple blog post could?

We’ve been thinking about ways (besides blogging) that we can come to understand your immediate concerns in regards to Internet marketing and ways we can participate in a more engaging conversation with you.

Some ideas that we had:

  • Create a video series for certain IM subjects
  • Schedule a weekly webinar addressing your internet marketing concerns
  • Start a Twitter #blogchat
What do you think is the best way for us to communicate with you on a weekly basis to address your internet marketing concerns? Leave a comment below.