By making a statement on air that she wanted to set a world record, Ellen strips Barack Obama of the World’s most retweeted tweet.

ellen degeneres tweet 1         ellen degeneres tweet 2

Shortly after 9:00PM her tweet had received over 250,000+ retweets.

ellen degeneres tweet 3         ellen degeneres tweet 4

By 9:45PM her tweet had broken the record and, within 15 minutes after that, had reached over 1 million retweets.

Last night at the Oscars, Ellen Degeneres confirmed that retweets truly equals endorsements.

Before now, the record was around 810,000 retweets of a photo from @BarakObama on November 6, 2012, as seen below:

By the morning, there were over 2.5 million retweets. As of January 2014, It is believed there are 645,750,000 active Twitter users. A Tweet can only be retweeted once per account. That means, at this time, Ellen’s tweet has received retweets from approximately 0.3% of all active Twitter accounts!

You can see the current stats on Ellen’s tweet below: