WordPress users come from a variety of disciplines and educational backgrounds. Bloggers, freelancers, business owners, developers and designers are common users of this platform. However, in-person networking opportunities for these groups are somewhat rare, so this is one of the most exciting aspects of Milwaukee WordCamp 2014.

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Unique Aspects of WordCamp

Users of the WordPress platform can now combine their passion for enhancing their online presence with the benefits of networking face to face. This is an increasingly important part of the modern world, yet time is always pressing. Combining the opportunity to meet new people with the resources provided by the dedicated staff and volunteers of WordCamp makes sense on multiple levels.

Previous and Future WordCamps

All of the WordCamps permit attendees to make use of source code with no limitations. Additionally, there are many hidden benefits of having access to a variety of people from different industries. Each WordCamp event is a unique experience of sharing and learning.

An abundance of information is made available about methods used by different companies, both large and small, to maintain their web content through WordPress. Since the learning process is easier when human interaction is involved, the WordCamp venue creates an ideal learning environment.

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Previous WordCamps had workshops focused on content management systems, or CMS, content marketing, and strategic typography. Every event has interactive elements built into the gatherings, so attendees can learn from speakers, question and answer panels, video displays and more. The lunch break functions as a time for networking, meeting and creating new business relationships.

Niche Networking

Each attendee will have a specific agenda in mind, so WordCamp organizers make it as easy as possible to connect with others. For example, freelancers tend to have a more erratic schedule than company employees, but their flexibility is offset by the level of discipline necessary to maintain a steady stream of work.


By contrast, employees or business owners often come to WordCamps with a specific problem set in mind, and they are usually attracted to panels that discuss their type of problem. The skills used by the WordPress experts can address a variety of concerns, so everyone can benefit from this event.

Core developers are available at Milwaukee WordCamp 2014, and they are fully prepared to handle any technical issues presented by any audience member. Beginners can learn the foundations of WordPress, and experienced users can delve into the more subtle aspects of this exciting, open-source platform.

Local restaurants and other businesses too

Every WordCamp makes room for fun, which is considered essential by many attendees. Local restaurants and other businesses are frequently used to establish a relationship and perhaps lay the foundation for future activities. Register today for a great WordCamp in 2014!