Suppressing and deleting are very different, and you actually don’t want any listings to be deleted! By suppressing a listing, you won’t lose any SEO power that has been generated by that citation being there. Instead, we’ll just point consumers — and search engines! — in the direction of the correct information.

We don’t delete your duplicate records (deletion is not the right answer!). Instead, Yext works with the publisher to redirect traffic from your duplicate listings to a root listing, preserving your hard-earned SEO and listing traffic.

Yext un-suppression?
It is interesting that it is, “duplicate suppression” as opposed to, “correction”, or “deletion.” It is a small point, but worth noting that stop suppressing duplicates and start showing the wrong listings again if the service were canceled. Although Yext keeps adding features and getting venture capital it remains to be seen whether or not it can compete in an increasingly crowded space with newcomer Moz Local and mainstays like Whitespark.

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