What advantage do we have by being an American white label development company?

If you are like most businesses you found SunAnt because you’ve started upon a quest for an outsourced white label development company or white label seo business and we came up, you’re poking around our website and silently asking yourself one fundamental question – why these guys?

We are a professional shop, our prices are reasonable, and we can say all the usual things about ourselves that development houses do. But there is one thing that sets us apart from all the others and it isn’t our prices – it’s our true location.

When most white label development companies say they are 100% American, it’s a term that requires interpretation it could mean 100% American MANAGED or 100% American BASED or 100% American IN SPIRIT or any nonsense they want it to mean.  We are simply 100% American.

  • 100% American Based
  • 100% American Produced
  • 100% American Owned
  • 100% American Operated
  • 100% American – in every single sense!

So we are American – you get it – so what?

I will tell you what – and please pay attention, because I need to make a few important points before proceeding!

When most businesses decide to outsource production at their company, when they sit down and begin that process, it is begun with a set of false assumptions:

Assumption A: Outsourcing web development and SEO is easy and will require very little back and forth the business in question.

Assumption B: Outsourcing web development is an established practice and very reliable businesses exist to expedite the process.

Assumption C: Outsourcing is always cost effective because overseas workers will do the work for a few pennies on the dollar.

Wrong, Wrong and (increasingly so) Wrong!

Partnering with a web development company to outsource production is not like buying products made in a foreign factory – at all.  Web development is a built-to-order industry and requires a high degree of thorough professionalism throughout the entire process from the discovery phase to accurately quote to the production phase to accurately-built, to the modification/edit phase to accurately interpret client demands and deliver results.

The cornerstone of a good relationship with a white label development house is good communications. Communications is so important to the process that you may accurately state that it IS the process itself.

When you are partnering with a development firm located on the other side of earth that is staffed by individuals whom in a base case scenario have zero experience consulting with businesses domestic to your market and worse case have no experience consulting whatsoever you have a recipe for disaster.

The typical course we see this taking is as follows:

1. You approach company and deliver your end-clients demands
2. The company offers you an introductory price and a total project ESTIMATE
3. Development commences
4. Development takes longer than anticipated and communications prove difficult because personnel doing the actual code writing are not the personnel you are able to directly communicate with – the back and forth begins.
5. After many, many iterations you are told that the estimate is going to have to be revised upwards – sometimes quite steeply.
6. You become frustrated and wind up doing a search – just like the one you are doing right now.

Why does this pattern persist? Simple! Good outsourcing is about solid communications and it starts from the get-go by being able to relay with staff like ours who will take a genuine interest in your project and deliver you a HARD QUOTE – NOT AN ESTIMATE!

We have trained staff that will spend meaningful time with you and even with your end-client if necessary (in a white label/private label manner) to understand the project in its totality and then deliver you a hard quote.

We are based in Milwaukee and are an employee-owned and operated business with years of experience and thousands of projects to our credit.

Does this posting sound passionate? It should, because if you spent the amount of time cleaning up bad code and bailing out garbage-sourced development disasters that we do, you would form a pretty definitive opinion as well.

Why are there so many disasters? Subbing is profitable!

We are codesmiths, we understand what we are looking at when we peel back the hood on a project so to speak and look at the actual underlying code that exists. And take it from us, it is often not very pretty.

To explain outsourcing, it’s helpful to visualize your project as a football, you toss your football overseas to a firm based in one country, who subs it out cheaper to another firm in another country, who subs it out to another firm in another country – sometimes several levels deep or more.

The actual end-developer is passed second, third or fourth hand information via a slug-trail of emails and sometimes interpreters – this accounts for a sizable part of the disasters we look at, but not all of them.

Often there will be multiple tiers or levels of development personnel employed in the creation of sites but none existent under any sort of overlying project management or individuals whom maintain standards. So your project, as it’s passed along, may be worked on piecemeal by multiple individuals of varying skill levels all attempting to implement edits, changes, bits and parts of the site.

The end results are tragic, that tragedy is yours and your clients and it’s something that nobody wants to deal with.

So when people ask us why we’re different, why working with an American company is a good idea, we can talk about our internal QC or show off our portfolio, but what speaks louder than any of that is the fact that our developers sit under the same roof and drink coffee together every day at our office in Milwaukee. And the fact that our clients can call a domestic phone number and get people on the phone who are not just responsible for – but actually doing the work… how much is that worth?